Driver Training

Driver Training

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Why become a driver?

Opportunity. Professional driving certification opens up a range of careers. You can work in short- or long-haul driving and in industries like logistics, deliveries, construction, shipping and more.

Lifestyle. Driving is a flexible career that pays more than a living wage. Some drivers enjoy the sense of adventure the open road brings, and others are proud to make a difference close to home.

Types of driver training

We offer Class 1 and Class 3 driver training. What’s the difference? Class 1 sets you on the path to driving commercial trucks with trailers—the trucks you see on the highway. Class 3 prepares you for more specialized, local work—think dump trucks, hydrovacs and oilfield vehicles.

Professional Class 1 Driver Program

With a Class 1 licence, you can legally drive almost any type of commercial vehicle, including trailers equipped with air brakes.

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Professional Class 3 Driver Program

With a Class 3 licence, you can legally drive a commercial vehicle with 3 or more axles, as well as trailers without air brakes.

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Explore trades careers

Ready for a change, but not sure what you want to do? Join us for a free workshop. You’ll leave with the knowledge and confidence you need to take the first steps on a new career path.

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Meet a graduate

Sierra is a Class 1 driver

Sierra was looking for a career that would allow her to see the world. Now she gets to travel the country for work.