How to Apply

Our application process is thorough and provides an opportunity for you to explore and fully understand a new career path. 

Our application process involves a series of steps to complete. Individual programs may also include additional required steps to complete the application. To give you a sense of what our general application process looks like, we’ve included a graphic and further detail below.

1. Explore 

Beginning a new career is an exciting time. Before applying to a program, we encourage you to research the available programs and career paths to see which one might appeal to you. 

Check out our programs

If you’re not sure what program is best for you, our readiness workshops will give you a guided exploration, as well as an introduction to 

  • online learning 
  • goal setting 
  • self-assessment 

Attend an information session to get details about your preferred program and ask questions. Feel free to check out more than one! 

2. Prepare 

Learn about WBF’s admission requirements . 

Start researching for your career investigation report. You don’t need to complete the report yet, but the research can take some time and it will give you the opportunity to learn about the careers. 

Start updating your resumé – you will need to add this to your application later in the process. 

3. Apply 

Start your application through our online portal. 

  • You don’t need to add any of the required documents yet – even if the application form asks for them. Your admissions advisor will let you know what to add and when. 
  • Once you complete the basic information, an admissions advisor will contact you with 
    • a link to the online essential skills assessment 
    • information on your next steps

Complete the essential skills assessment and the tasks provided in the email. Note the deadline in the email – if your response is late, your application will be withdrawn. 

Follow the directions from your advisor to add your finished career investigation report to your application. Be sure to complete this by the deadline provided. 

4. Interview 

Your admissions advisor will contact you for a short phone interview. This lets your advisor learn more about you and gives you a chance to ask any questions. 

Your advisor will now assess your complete application. 

  • If you’re ready for a formal admissions interview, your advisor will set this up with you. 
  • If you need to upgrade your skills or do other preparation before the formal interview, your advisor will help you get ready. 
5. Fitness test and employment screening 

Your advisor will let you about any necessary fitness, drug and alcohol testing. If required, your advisor will provide guidance and details about scheduling.

6. Final selection 

Once all tests and interviews are complete, the WBF team will review the applicants who have made it to this point.  

Each class has a limited number of seats available and selection is based on a consideration of all the application requirements, screening components and level of readiness. If you are selected to participate in the program, congratulations! You must accept the offer to start the program. 

If you’re not successful this time, don’t be afraid to talk to your admissions advisor about what you need to do to be considered for the next program or what other programs might be a fit for you. 

Remember, we’re here to help you achieve your goals.