Readiness Workshops

Learn more about your interests, how to set goals, and build confidence to begin your new journey.

We offer a variety of free workshops that provide an opportunity for you to plan and prepare for your new career path.

These workshops are primarily delivered online during this time but some will eventually be delivered in-person.

Tools for Training

A free, online workshop series focused on career exploration, introduction to online learning, goal setting and self-assessment. This workshop is 3 days and runs 2 hours per day.


Tools for Success

A free, online program designed to help you decide which program and career path is most suitable for you. We use the Medicine Wheel framework to create a program that focuses on getting you ready to launch or recharge your personal potential. This program is 4 weeks and runs 2 hours per day.

Foundational Math

A free, self-paced e-learning workshop designed to take learners from the beginning concepts of numbers to working confidently with fractions, metric conversions, and measurement.