Career Investigation

Part of our student and graduate success comes from making informed career decisions. This is why a Career Investigation Report is a key part of applying to most of our programs.

What is a Career Investigation?

A Career Investigation is a process of researching all aspects of your chosen career path to see if they match your interests, abilities and needs. It will help you decide if the career you’re exploring is the right fit for you.

What do I need to include in my Career Investigation?

We have created a career investigation form to ensure you include everything you need. You can download the form here to see what you’ll need to include as part of your application to our programs.

If you need to find information on salary and experience, we recommend looking up current job postings and companies that are hiring in your career of interest.

Helpful Resources

To get information on skills, abilities, employment trends, occupational descriptions and more general salary trends, check out the following.

How do I submit my Career Investigation?

When your Career Investigation form is complete, save it to your computer – you will upload it as part of the application process.