Am I Ready?

Changing careers is more than just going to school and learning new skills – you may need to make some lifestyle changes, too. 

Questions to Ask Yourself

After helping thousands of women transition into construction and maintenance careers, we understand some of the life circumstances that affect success. Ask yourself the following questions, and don’t be discouraged if you don’t have answers right now. Our success coach is available to help you through the sticking points. 

If you’re responsible for the care of children: 

  • Do you have daycare for them?
  • Do you have back-up daycare? 
  • Is your daycare available early morning, late night, overnight, weekends or holidays? 
  • Do you have someone to take them to activities if you’re not available? 

If you’re responsible for the care of someone who is elderly or has an illness or disability:

  • Do you have someone to provide care while you’re working? 
  • Do you have a back-up? 
  • Are they available outside normal working hours? 

If you’re responsible for the care of animals or property: 

  • Do you have someone to take your place while you’re working? 
  • Do you have a back-up if they’re not available? 
  • Are they available outside normal working hours? 

Think about where you live today:

  • Are there entry-level construction or maintenance work opportunities available nearby? 
  • Are you willing to consider moving to where the work is – temporarily or even permanently? 

Think about how you’ll get around:

  • Do you have access to reliable transportation to get you to and from job sites that aren’t accessible by transit? 
  • Is that transportation available every day?
  • Is it available outside regular working hours? 

Consider your current financial situation:

  • Do you have a personal budget? 
  • Do you have a plan to cover expenses while you’re in school? 
  • Financial Aid 

Think about the people in your life:

  • Do you have a group of people you can count on to provide emotional and practical help when you’ve had a rough day or week? 
Check Your Skills

In addition to lifestyle factors, working in the construction and maintenance industries requires a basic level of educational and fitness skills. Women Building Futures will assess you in these areas when you apply for a program. Get ready by learning more about both. 

Next steps 

If you’re feeling ready to take the next step, here are a few ways you can move forward: