All construction-related work requires the ability to communicate, measure and calculate.

When you apply for a Women Building Futures program, you will be assessed on reading, math, mechanical aptitude, spatial reasoning, listening and digital skills.

You will need to score in the Level 2 range for each of these areas to be considered for most WBF programs. If you’re worried about your skill level, reach out – we can help.


To work in construction and maintenance, you need to be able to read memos, instructions and manuals to find important information.

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Math (numeracy)

Construction and maintenance work usually requires basic math skills using whole numbers and fractions

  • adding
  • subtracting
  • dividing
  • multiplying
  • percentages
  • weights and measurements

Calculators are allowed!

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Mechanical Aptitude

Mechanical aptitude means your natural ability to understand mechanical cause and effect in the use of

  • pulleys
  • springs
  • levers
  • circuits

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Spatial Reasoning

Spatial reasoning (or spatial aptitude) is your natural ability to re-arrange objects in your head without touching them and predict what they’ll look like afterwards. It’s a useful skill for construction- and maintenance-related work.

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Most job-site safety and work instructions are verbal, and usually in English. To succeed in the field, you need to understand spoken English.

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Digital Skills

Digital technology is common in the trades. You need to understand common digital technologies and how to use them.

Get Support

If you need help building your skill level in one of the above areas, we’re here. We offer free online workshops to help you build your math and online learning skills, and we can direct you to other academic supports and courses to help get you where you need to be.

Learn more about our skill workshops.

Talk to a success coach about other academic supports.