Women Building Futures 2022-23 reports showcase a year of breaking barriers and changing lives

Published On
November 27, 2023

On behalf of our Board of Directors, we are proud to unveil our journey of the past year in Empowering Women: Women Building Future 2022-23 Annual Report alongside our Impact Reports. These reports share the milestones, achievements and stories that reflect our transformative work. 

“Over the past year, Women Building Futures (WBF) has given more women the tools to break barriers and change their lives,” say Alan Skoreyko, WBF board chair, and Carol Moen, WBF president and CEO. “As we reflect on the strides we have made to grow our impact, we are incredibly grateful for the support of our partners who share in our mission of economic security for women – and to the students who have put their trust in us.”  

This year, WBF celebrated the graduation of the 100th class of the flagship introductory trades program, Journeywoman Start, and grew our impact into Saskatchewan, thanks to a partnership with global resource company BHP. Our Employer of Choice membership program that supports workplaces to be more inclusive and provide safe, equitable work grew to 45 this year.  

“We measure our impact based on many numbers – the number of women who have graduated from our training programs, the number who find secure jobs in their chosen fields, and the average starting salary that exceeds a living wage reflect the tangible outcomes that our programs achieve,” says Carol.  

“But our impact goes beyond numbers. It’s about the connections we make, the networks we build, and the lasting change we help foster in the lives of women and their families. We are not just helping women find jobs — we are providing them with the tools and resources to take control of their lives.”  

To this end, WBF celebrated 42,139 connections in 2022-23 that supported women on their path to economic security. These connections represent each touchpoint and interaction we have with women throughout their journey. 

Over the past year, we have planted seeds to support the non-profit organization’s future growth. By 2035, our strategic vision is to have created 1 million connections to elevate women’s potential.  

As WBF grows to impact more women and expand our work nationally, the heart of our work remains the same. Whether it is removing financial barriers between women and resilient careers, connecting them to affordable housing or helping them choose a career in the trades or transportation that will enable them to support their futures and their families, we will continue to help every step of the way.   

Read more about our progress and path to future growth in our Annual Report and Impact Reports.