We surround women with the support they need to succeed

Published On
March 7, 2024

As Women Building Futures (WBF) expands beyond Alberta to support more women on their paths to economic security, we’ve launched a new brand awareness campaign. The campaign launched Alberta-wide and in Regina, Saskatchewan, on March 1.

It lets women and gender-diverse people know that careers in the skilled trades and transportation could be life-changing and that they won’t have to make this transition alone – WBF can help.

“Evans Hunt is helping Women Building Futures reach the women and gender-diverse individuals who will most benefit from our training and wraparound supports,” says Carol Moen, WBF president and CEO.

“I love the new direction we are taking with our consolidated marketing and a call to action that helps underemployed and unemployed women feel confident that we can help them to succeed.”

Surrounded by support

At WBF, our mission is economic security for women. We provide women and gender-diverse individuals who are unemployed and those working hard to make ends meet with the support they need to get into resilient careers in the trades and transportation.

Our readiness workshops and success coaching sessions help women get ready to take the next step in their careers – and their lives – while our free training programs provide students with the skills, knowledge and confidence to start their new careers.

Connection to employment after training is critical to uplifting women. Our Alumni and Career Services team provides lifelong support to our graduates, connecting them to careers with employers who are committed to safe, inclusive workplace cultures and supporting our graduates’ career progression.

Opportunities and first steps

Working with Evans Hunt and Stone-Olafson, we created a campaign to connect with our audience, most of whom are simply seeking better opportunities and may never have considered trades or transportation.

Our campaign needed to offer this audience an invitation and a promise of support – messaging that would create confidence and a sense of belonging.

Based on this insight, we worked with Evans Hunt to create a campaign that focuses more on opportunities and first steps. Instead of tools and toughness, our creative highlights WBF as a guide, teacher and support system through a career change.

“For an agency, this is the dream: a client that’s genuinely changing lives and shifting systems, a fun creative challenge, and a campaign that really expresses the fresh, joyful way WBF approaches their work. Our whole team is so happy to be part of it,” says Celeste Herbert, client partner at Evans Hunt.

The “W” swoosh around the alumni featured in our ads incorporates WBF logo’s colours as part of a vibrant gradient of yellows and pinks, creating a burst of femininity and energy. It’s a versatile element that adds dynamism, suggests a path forward and holds the subjects in an embrace. The headline, “Surrounded by support” doesn’t read like a job posting – it’s a promise of the experience students can expect with WBF.

“Evans Hunt shows up like an extension of Women Building Futures,” says Olga Michailides, WBF director of client activation. “Sure, we’re working with a team of women. Yes, they’re developing creative that connects with our audiences. And yeah, they’ve brought in some heavy-duty subcontractors to help us.

“But what’s making the biggest difference is that they care a lot about lifting women’s economic potential in the skilled trades and commercial transportation. There’s a strong mutual respect between us, so we can nudge each other to do the right work, not just great work.”

Support our mission

Since WBF’s founding in 1998, we’ve positively impacted the lives of thousands of women, children and communities. As we grow our impact in new regions in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario, our partnerships are key to our success in uplifting women.

Here are a few ways you can support our mission: