WBF to Offer Domestic Violence Prevention Education Through Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters

Published On
March 10, 2022

Women Building Futures (WBF) is proud to partner with Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters (ACWS) to offer our employment partners, through the Employer of Choice program, tailored training and consultation for domestic violence prevention. 

The Domestic Violence and Your Workplace training program, developed and delivered by ACWS, is fully customized to align with an employer’s internal processes and prepare leaders to effectively support employees experiencing domestic violence.  

“We’re excited to offer this opportunity to our Employers of Choice Members to raise awareness of domestic violence and how employers can fully support their employees,” says Corinne Longoz, Manager of Strategic Partnerships with WBF. “This partnership will support our employers in their commitments to building, maintaining, and creating safe and inclusive workplaces for all people.” 

“Domestic violence is everyone’s responsibility—this training program will not only save costs for employers but more importantly, it will save lives,” said ACWS Executive Director, Jan Reimer. “We’re proud to be working with Women Building Futures towards creating positive change for those living in violence.” 

If you’re interested in becoming an Employer of Choice, please email eoc@womenbuildingfutures.com 

You can also learn more about Alberta Council for Women’s Shelters here: https://acws.ca/