Lorena was looking for a new opportunity after moving to Canada. She’s now in a career that she loves.

Meet Lorena

Lorena immigrated to Canada from Mexico in 2006. Her family started out in Hamilton, Ontario, where she took English classes and eventually enrolled in the Nursing Program at McMaster University. As fate would have it, Lorena’s husband was relocated to Fort McMurray in 2011. The local college didn’t have a nursing program, so Lorena began working on-site for a security company. During her shifts, she began paying attention to the equipment being used and wondered what qualifications were needed to operate them. 

When Lorena and her family relocated again, this time to Edmonton, Lorena was looking for her next opportunity. When a friend told her about WBF’s Driver and Operator program in Edmonton, it felt like she was finally in the right place at the right time. They took the program together in 2019, meeting other like-minded women who were brave enough to embark on a new path in life.  

After graduation, WBF connected Lorena with a partner looking to hire an Airfield Equipment Operator. “I was worried because I had limited experience. I later learned they were looking for candidates with a good attitude who was willing to work hard, had a passion for learning and be comfortable with change.” 

Over the last two years, she has learned operate new equipment, use new power tools, and repair different things like fences, asphalt, and concrete. One of her favourite tasks is clearing the snow off on the runways and the taxiways during a storm during winter.  

“WBF instilled the confidence and knowledge in me to be able to operate the equipment I use every day at my job. WBF planted the seed that allowed me to flourish to the person I am today.”