Ana was looking for a change. She’s now working in a role that challenges, excites, and allows her to reach her goals.

Meet Ana

Ana has been digging holes as a Hydrovac Operator since graduating from the Driver and Operator program in September 2020. Prior to starting the program, Ana was a Team Lead at a medical marijuana facility in search of a career that would give her the financial security to live the life she’s always wanted. 

Ana was enrolled to start training in the spring, but her plans came to a halt when her start date was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Being stuck in limbo filled her with uncertainty about the future. “I questioned everything I thought I knew and wanted,” Ana says.  

When programs eventually resumed, Ana was faced with new challenges—learning how to shift, the concept of air brakes, and knowing what all the buttons on the dash do. Sometimes she questioned whether she was doing the right thing but the support from her classmates kept her going. She chose to trust that each step would lead her to the place she was meant to be, and as time went on these things became second nature to her.  

“I’ve gained so much more than just a few tickets and an upgraded license. I’m able to provide for my family and give them the life they deserve. I’ve gained the confidence to drive this beast of a truck and most importantly, confidence in myself. The friendships I’ve made along the way have added so much colour to my life. The life I have now is beautiful.”