Martina was seeking some security when she became the sole earner in her household. Now, she earns better wages than she could have dreamed of.

Meet Martina

“Until you experience it, it seems a little unbelievable. But this has truly changed my life.”

For decades, Martina dreamed of entering the skilled trades. 

Back in school, Martina asked why she was put in the home economics classes instead of the industrial education ones. Like many women, from a young age, she was told that the trades weren’t for her. 

Even through many setbacks, Martina stayed determined. She had developed hands-on experience at her family farm and wanted to put it into practice in the trades.  

Breaking down barriers 

Yet after handing out tens of CVs, Martina struggled to get even a call back, never mind an interview for a job. 

Then Martina’s circumstances forced her hand – and she wanted to act fast. It was then she applied to the Journey to Trades program at Women Building Futures. 

 “I became the sole income earner for my family and I really needed some economic security,” she says. 

After years of waiting, she was finally where she wanted to be. 

“Within a couple of weeks of doing the application, I was in the program,” she adds. 

The Journey to Trades program appealed to Martina because she got to try six different trades, such as carpentry, pipefitting, and electrical training.  

She describes the experience as “phenomenal,” and said there was a clear benefit to trying the trades in a “hands-on, safe environment.” 

“You’re supervised, so you’re comfortable finding out if this is the trade for you,” she adds. 

A brighter future 

Entering the trades in her forties hasn’t held Martina back. If anything, she’s still broadening her horizons.  

This year, Martina is going into her final year of study to earn a journeyperson certification. 

Even though she is a sole earner, she says she is “extremely economically secure” compared to where she used to be. 

“I can provide better for my family, I can pay my bills,” she says.  

She is pleased to say that enrolling on the program has changed her life – and she wants others to do the same. 

“You can go anywhere you want. Don’t wait – just do it.”