Automotive Service Technician Readiness

This 4-week pre-apprenticeship program offers the essential safety certification, hands-on skills, and workplace awareness to begin working as an entry-level Automotive Service Technician.  


Program Length
4 weeks
Currently Offered In
Grande Prairie


What’s an Automotive Service Technician? 

Automotive service technicians perform preventative maintenance, diagnose faulty operations and repair automotive vehicles and light trucks.

Automotive service technicians begin by reading the work order and examining the vehicle. To locate the cause of faulty operation and repair it, they use testing equipment and: 

  • Take the vehicle for a test drive or refer to manufacturers’ specifications and manuals
  • Dismantle faulty assemblies and repair or replace worn or damaged parts
  • Reassemble, adjust, and test the repaired mechanism

Automotive service technicians also: 

  • Provide scheduled maintenance services such as oil changes, lubrications, and tune ups
  • Advise customers on work performed, general vehicle conditions and future repair requirements


About the course: 

The Automotive Service Technician Readiness program is a 4-week classroom and hands-on training program that will provide you with:

  • Essential safety awareness and certification
  • Best practices for working in industry
  • Exposure to the technical skills
  • Hands-on participation to perform preventative maintenance, basic diagnosis and repairs on cars and light-duty trucks in the automotive industry.


Could I do this? 

Absolutely, if you:

  • Enjoy performing tasks that require precision, working with your hands and working independently.
  • Have good hearing, eyesight, manual dexterity, and attention to detail.
  • Have mechanical aptitude and/or interest
  • Are comfortable standing for long periods, crouching, or kneeling, as well as working overhead.
  • Enjoy solving problems
  • Have strong customer service skills

Courses and Skills

  • First aid 
  • Conflict resolution 
  • Best practices for working in Industry 
  • Hands-on skills training – Automotive Service Technician 



Admission Requirements

  • Must be an Alberta resident 
  • Class 5 Driver’s License 
  • Successful completion of fitness screening (35lb lift/carry) and drug & alcohol assessment.
  • Academic requirements to expedite movement into Apprenticeship role:  
  • English 20-2, Math 20-3, Science 10 

OR a pass mark in all five Canadian GED tests                  

OR Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT) entrance exam 


Applicants will also need to complete a variety of steps as part of their application.  

Learn more about our application process here> 

Program Cost

  • Tuition for this program is sponsored by the Government of Alberta.
  • Additional funding and awards may be available to support living expenses while in the program.

Employment Opportunities

Graduates will interview with WBF Employment Partners for employment in an entry-level role where they will learn the basics of automotive servicing, while earning hours towards a 1st year Automotive Service Technician apprenticeship.

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